Best Quality Healthcare

About Us


We endeavor to provide high quality domiciliary service tailored to individual needs and preferences. We support individuals in our care to live their lives as independent as possible, help them access facilities in their local community and help them achieve their life’s ambitions, goals and aspirations. We also endeavor to meet all the minimum requirements as set out in the Domiciliary Care National Minimum Standards Regulations (Care Standards Act 2000) and also in the Health and Social Care Act (2008) and will strive to exceed expectations in all areas of service delivery.

Our purpose is to provide high quality service provision to assist and support service users in line with its own motto, and also with the CqC’s strategy of raising standards by putting people first. We aim to help our service users reach their full potential by addressing their individual needs in a person-centered way.


Best Quality’s ethos of Care aim to promote and reflect the values that focus upon the individual as being centred to the care service planning and delivery of care, and to care for clients in the same way and in the same environment that we would want for ourselves.

We believe that the best person to plan his or her future is the individual. We encourage our service users to fulfill their expectations and aspirations and we enable them to make their own plans and decisions regarding their life in line with the Mental Health Capacity Act. In delivering this commitment, a client must be allowed privacy, dignity, independence, security, choice and fulfillment within a quality care environment. We must protect and ensure each and every individual’s human and civil rights. These objectives are the cornerstones of our philosophy and have become embedded into the way we operate.

A Quality Assurance Questionnaire is sent out to all service users every three months. Any issues raised regarding the quality of service provision is addressed directly by the service user or their care giver/parent/guardian/advocate acting on their behalf, to ensure that all matters regarding their care support are resolved satisfactorily. All service users will be made aware of Best Quality’s complaints procedure in the Service Users Guide which they are issued with upon commencement of service delivery.

Quality care can only be delivered with quality staff. Staff are chosen for their understanding and dedication, as well as their care skills. We work closely with each member of the team to maximize their full potential through continued training and assessment. This training allows our care to become attentive yet discrete, giving clients confidence and support throughout whilst receiving care from us. Our services are based on a commitment to quality and are regularly monitored, evaluated, reassessed and developed so that they continue to meet the needs of the individuals within our care.

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